We’re a power engineering firm with a focus in designing and servicing critical power systems for businesses and organizations in need of uninterruptible power.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

For over 20 years, we have assisted customers with all their UPS needs, regardless of the brand or size of their equipment. Overtime, we have developed a close relationship with all manufacturers while constantly training our technicians to assist our customers with any need. Whether you have a data center, some critical medical equipment, or a communication facility, we can help you find the system you need and maintain it over the years.

APC by Schneider Electric
MGE UPS Systems
Powerware UPS
Mitsubishi Electric

UPS and Emergency Lighting System Batteries

Without healthy batteries, your UPS system could fail when you need it the most, leaving your critical equipment vulnerable to outages. The only way to warrant the health of your batteries is to test them consistently. We have been testing, purchasing, replacing, and recycling UPS batteries for our customers for decades and have mastered the ins-and-outs. We also provide and maintain batteries for generators, turbines, switchgear, and emergency lighting systems.

With our strong and long lasting relationship with multiple battery suppliers, we can get you the most competitively priced batteries for your system. We provide our customers with only the best and newest batteries on the market and have shipped to locations all over the country. Every batch of batteries we provide is inspected and tested before being installed into a system. Regardless of your location, we will find a way to get you way you need.

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Generators and ATS’s

One flaw can prevent your generator from starting up when you experience an outage. That is why customers have us maintain their generators and automatic transfer switches (ATS’s) to make sure their system is fully functional and ready to go. With so many moving parts, a generator has a wide range of components that need to be tested and maintained such as batteries, starters, oil and other fluids, filters and much more. The NFPA and ATS manufacturers advise that ATS’s be tested on a monthly basis by toggling between the normal operating position to the emergency generator position. We also maintain ATS’s for switchgear applications.

Our background in electrical engineering and decades of experience has us equipped to maintain your entire emergency electrical system. Customers with extremely critical facilities have continued to trust us with the maintenance of their generators and ATS’s. Besides our maintenance services, we have also designed, integrated, and commissioned generators in complex co-generation facilities.


Emergency Lighting Systems

Similar to our UPS services, we provide maintenance for emergency lighting systems. Like a UPS, if the batteries for your emergency lighting system are in poor condition, your system will not operate in an outage, resulting in a potentially dangerous situation for individuals in your facility. We provide comprehensive battery maintenance plans for our customers with emergency lighting systems that include testing, inspections, and replacement. When complex critical issues arise, we’ll work with the manufacturer to get your system back online. Corporations, hospitals, and the government have trusted us with maintaining their emergency lighting and critical backup systems for years.

Laws require facilities to perform a 30-second test every month and a 90-minute annual test by cutting power to the facility to simulate an emergency outage. Facilities with emergency lighting systems that fail audits by OSHA could be slapped with hefty fines.

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Our UPS maintenance plans are comprehensive, flexible, and adjustable to meet your specific needs. We maintain all UPS’s regardless of manufacturer or system rating.

Total UPS maintenance

Your needs are our priority.

UPS System Maintenance

Our maintenance plan covers system components and batteries.

Emergency Servicing

Our maintenance plan guarantees a 4-hour response time to any emergency call in Southern California.

Battery Replacement

We’ll purchase, replace, and install new UPS batteries and recycle your old UPS batteries.

System Design and Installation

Our electrical engineers can help you find and install the system you need.


Using load banks, our team of engineers can help test your UPS system.

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