24/7 UPS Emergency Response. Our UPS technicians are on call, around the clock, ready to help.

24/7 Emergency UPS Response Services

We’ve been providing 24/7 emergency response services for over 20 years and we aren’t slowing down. Our engineers are always a phone call away to assist you with any type of emergency issue you may face. We attack problems with an array of tools and decades of experience to provide you with quick solutions. Our background in power engineering and experience working with power plants and utilities gives us a broader understanding of power that we bring on the field when helping you with your UPS.

4 Hour Emergency Response Time

If you’re one of our customers in Southern California (Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego), we guarantee a 4-hour emergency response time. That means if you’re having any kind of issue with your UPS system, we’ll have a technician at your site in under 4 hours. Our seasoned technicians have years of experience and are equipped to handle any problem you might encounter.

UPS Testing

Our first action when responding to UPS emergency calls is to test a multitude of components in your UPS system. We’re not just UPS technicians, we’re electrical engineers and we can examine electrical equipment beyond your UPS to determine electrical issues that could be effecting your system. Our scheduled battery maintenance, ensures that your batteries are in good health so you never have an emergency that’s battery related.

UPS Technicians

At TransPower Testing, our technicians have extensive experience working on UPS’s and other power equipment and undergo intensive technical and safety training on a variety of UPS systems. When our technicians are at your site, rest assured that you have safety oriented and technically knowledgeable personnel working on your equipment.

UPS Test Reports

Whether it’s a scheduled maintenance or emergency response, we provide our customers with a test report containing all our findings and suggestions after every job. Our maintenance test reports consist of measurements for every battery in your bank along with input/output voltage and current and more. These service reports keep you informed on the health and reliability of your UPS system.

Spare UPS Parts

We keep our warehouse stocked with new and refurbished UPS parts in case a component in your system fails. Because of our inventory of spare UPS components, you’ll never have to wait and lose valuable time while the manufacturer searches for parts, which might take even longer depending on the age of your system.

Industry Support and Relations

With over 20 years of experience in the UPS industry, we’ve grown close to manufacturers, suppliers and vendors. All these relationships come in handy when you’re experiencing a problem that requires outside assistance. Whether it’s a part, expertise, or a random service, if we can’t solve it, we can connect you with someone who can.

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