Fast and responsive UPS maintenance. Uninterruptible power supply maintenance around the clock.

Around the clock service

We’ve been providing 24/7 emergency response services for over 20 years and we aren’t slowing down. Our engineers are always a phone call away to assist you with any type of emergency issue you may face. We attack problems with an array of tools and decades of experience to provide you with quick solutions. Our background in power engineering and experience working with power plants and utilities gives us a broader understanding of power that we bring on the field when helping you with your UPS.

Battery Maintenance

One bad battery can compromise an entire battery cabinet and render a UPS useless when you need it the most, which is why we believe battery maintenance is so important. With our battery preventive maintenance, we’ll plan scheduled visits throughout the year to test and inspect each battery and any necessary steps that need to be taken. If you ever need new batteries, we’ll help you find the best priced replacements, remove and dispose of the old batteries, and install the new batteries.

Design and Installation

Let us help you find the UPS that meets you needs. We’ve worked closely on units from every manufacturer for the last 20 years giving us a firm idea of which machines are the most durable, trouble free, and safest for your application. Besides helping you find the right UPS unit, we can design a system critical facility with an automatic transfer switch and diesel generator to provide you with the ultimate protection.

Startup and Commissioning

If you want to bring your new system online, we’re here to get you up and going. We’ll take all the necessary steps to make sure your system is ready to begin providing you with the proper protection you expect. Using our load banks, we can load your UPS and simulate an outage to verify that the UPS meets the manufacturer specs and monitor how your unit holds up before you integrate it into your system. While simulating an outage, we also conduct a battery and voltage test to make sure the UPS properly cuts off prior to fully depleting the batteries.