UPS Installation and Decommissioning. Turnkey UPS solutions for installations and de-installation.

Turnkey UPS Installation, Startup, and Decommissioning

Our experience isn’t just limited to testing and troubleshooting. We have installed and commissioned equipment for a variety of customers and we could do the same for you. With over 20 years of experience working on UPS’s and power generation equipment, we have the expertise to help you with a variety of power related services. If you’re looking for a new system, we can guide you to find the right UPS that meets your needs and specifications. If you’re looking to uninstall your UPS, we have decommissioned, removed, and replaced entire systems. Reach out to us to hear more details of how we can help you meet your needs.

Design, Purchasing, and Delivery

Interested in a new system? We’ll help you calculate your load, write a specification to find a system that matches your needs, introduce you to manufacturers, and get you in contact with other customers who purchased the same system to hear about their experience. Also, because we’re brand neutral, we’ll give you our own recommendation. Once you’re settled on a system, we’ll help you throughout the purchasing process and take care of the delivery to your facility.

UPS Installation

Because of our relationship with some of the best electrical contractors in Southern California, we can have your system installed and fully operating, regardless of the system type, location, or the layout of your facility. With over 20 years of UPS experience, we know the ins-and-outs of the installation process and what kind of problems to look out for. TransPower Testing follows all regulatory and safety codes when installing high voltage electrical equipment.

UPS System Startup And Commissioning

We can help start up your system safely and according to the manufacturers standards. Once your system is in operation, we’ll show you how to operate the equipment and provide you with an easy to understand guide that breaks down basic operation procedures. We’ll also set you up with a maintenance plan that suits your needs and keeps your system healthy and online.

UPS Decommissioning and Removal

If you’re looking to move, remove, or upgrade your system, we can help to safely decommission your current system, remove it from your facility, and handle the transportation and recycling, regardless of your location, system type, and size. Our electrical engineers can analyze your system schematics and determine how to safely uninstall your equipment without disrupting your facility.

System Testing and Monitoring

Even with a brand new system, there is the possibility of finding issues with your UPS. Using load banks, we can simulate an outage to make sure your UPS is operating as expected and capable of handling your load, prior to putting your system into operation.

UPS Buy-Back

If you’re looking to remove or upgrade your UPS, make sure to contact us. If your system is in good condition, we’d be interested in working with you to develop a deal to purchase your UPS system, battery cabinets, and more.

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